Supper and Substance

In the last three decades, thousands of couples from over seventy parishes have attended a Supper & Substance event. Husbands & wives have been strengthened and parishes have grown closer through this simple yet effective marriage enrichment program.

The evening can be carried out in a variety of fashions.

The “Supper” includes a delicious meal, often centered on a theme, that is decided by the parish. Some evenings focus on creating a romantic atmosphere by providing candles, dimmed lighting, flowers, elegant music, etc, while others are more festive in nature with prizes, music, and decorative centerpieces and dress/costumes.

The “Substance” features a presentation by a carefully chosen couple who share the joys and struggles of “living out” their sacrament. The purpose of this part of the evening is to gain insight into matrimony and to encourage couples to a deeper intimacy.

If you’d like to create a Supper & Substance event in your own parish, we’re happy to offer you this guide to launching the program! Need more assistance? Contact Jason Angelette at (504) 830-3716 or

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