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The Faith & Marriage Apostolate of the Willwoods Community is dedicated to promoting the Sacramentality of marriage and providing for married couples opportunities for growth, enrichment, and support.

Our goal is to awaken married couples to their responsibility to continually grow in their sacramental relationship with God, with one another, and the community of God’s people. We seek to promote such activities as to empower them to fulfill their call to love.

Willwoods Community was established in 1978 by a group of married couples desiring to support the Catholic Church and the community through prayer and service. Since then, Willwoods Community has grown to serve in different areas, including Faith and Marriage, Affordable Housing, WLAE TV and TheDailyMass.com.

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Married Couples Retreats are a wonderful way for couples to break away from daily struggles and tasks and spend time rejuvenating and enriching their marriage.

Spouses will spend time growing closer through inspiring talks, private couple time, individual prayer time, Reconciliation, Eucharistic Adoration and the celebration of the Mass.

Through God’s grace, each couple will walk away with a renewed strength and a deeper commitment to each other and God.

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