The Divine Choreographer

“The man – his job in the dance is to show off his beloved. His focus is on her.” – Jason Angelette

There is a special role given to both the husband and wife in a marriage – they are distinct roles, but neither is more dominant that the other. A good analogy is that of dancing. When a couple dances, someone must lead. The male leads, but the focus of the onlookers is typically on the female partner.

The man leading does not lead for himself – he leads to show the best of his partner. And as the female follows, she shows off the best of the dance. The choreography is not their own – together they follow the steps of the dance.

In a marriage, the husband’s role as leader is intended to be selfless – seeking the best for his wife, not for himself. Every step he takes should be about serving the best interests of the wife.

As the wife follows, she also focuses on the best interests of another. As she considers the best interest of her husband, the two complement each other and lift one another up! This is quite a beautiful complimentary relationship when we follow God’s choreography!

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Jason Angelette

Jason Angelette

Co-Director of Faith and Marriage

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