Impasse of Faith and Will

“I was always learning more and more about the church, and about Christ and diving deeper into the sacraments and prayer; my heart was on fire. I remember people coming up to me and asking “are you sure you’re not called to be a priest?” But arent we all supposed to love God?”


Choosing the Holy Commitment

“Just because the honeymoon phase is over, it doesn’t mean that love is over, it’s just maturing – it’s growing into something that is much more than what it is right now. And it’s meant to be much more than what it is right now.”

Desire Is Only The Beginning

“You get on your knees, you ask “Will you be my spouse for the rest of my life?” – and then all of the sudden, there’s this struggle. You’re like “Hold on – did I make a mistake? I thought it wasn’t going to be like this.”

Follow the Signs

“That union of Christ and His Church — that’s what we’re all made for. We’re made for union with God. And marriage is a sign that points to that Union.”

We Must Study Love

In this episode of at the heart, Jason challenges us to study love. In order to love we must study not just a word but a person. God is love. For us to love one another all the days of our lives we must first be students of Christ who was the picture of our Father in Heaven. The key is faith.