The Light in Sin’s Darkness

“There’s no shortcut to holiness – you can’t get holy without Christ. You can’t overcome temptation without Christ. You can’t just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and just make it happen; you have to fall into the arms of our Savior.”

Beauty in Redemptive Suffering: Part 1

“Us and our five kids, we’re praying for people and we’re offering up what could be tragic up to God, and we’re redeeming souls. Everybody’s praying for a miracle, I tell you what, we’ve already had a miracle.”

Working Through Us

“You can learn the love of God through the love you give to your wife and to your children…” – Jason Angelette

Jason illustrates how selfishness can hurt, and love can “unhurt.” Caring for your family is a means of teaching them about God’s love – an amazing opportunity and responsibility. Thankfully He offers redemption when we fail, because through Him – love wins.

Do You Stay Miserable?

“If your house stinks, you don’t need to sell your house, you just need to take the garbage out.” – Jason Angelette

Jason explains that there are more than just two options when you feel miserable in your marriage. He relates Christ’s steadfast love for His often wayward church to the commitment you make to your spouse, even when they stink! Jason instills hope through the reminder that no problem is too great for God, and that He often brings new life through pain.