098 – Ben Clapper on What’s Next for the Pro-Life Movement in a Post-Roe America?

Following the leak of the draft decision from Supreme Court, the question on everyone’s minds is, “Now what?” If the final decision is left intact and Roe v Wade gets overturned, what does that mean for abortion access in the US? How will states respond? How will the federal government respond? What are the next steps for the pro-life movement in a post Roe America?

Joining me on the show to talk through these questions is Ben Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life. In today’s episode, we discuss the Mississippi law that the Supreme Court is ruling on, how it’s different from the Louisiana and Texas laws they recently ruled against, will this decrease the number of abortions, how to provide better care and options for women who are considering an abortion, how this ruling better enables conversation and democracy, and concerns about the leak for the future integrity of the Court.

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Louisiana Right to Life

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