095 – Dr. Brant Pitre on The Introduction to the Spiritual Life

How do you know if you are growing in the spiritual life? How do you know if your prayers are doing anything? What are the markers of spiritual growth?

Joining me on the show today is Dr. Brant Pitre, Research Professor of Scripture at the Augustine Institute, Graduate School of Theology, to talk about his new book “The Introduction to the Spiritual Life.” In today’s episode, we discuss the foundations of prayer, why the Ten Commandments are not just rules but a path of love and growth, why our will is important as we conform to the Will of God, how to know if we are making progress in our spiritual lives, and why growth in virtue is a key sign. But we also talk about the hardships of faith, the uniqueness of this journey, what to do with unanswered prayers, and in-depth reflections on the biblical story of Jacob wrestling the angel and the parable of the persistent widow.

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Websites mentioned in the show:
Dr. Brant Pitre’s website
Introduction to the Spiritual Life on Amazon

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