001 – Authentic Masculinity with Jennifer Miller

Men and women. Is there anything that causes more heartbreak than this dynamic? But try as we do, we are stuck together and have to figure it out. In this episode, we focus on the male side of this equation and try to determine what it means to be a man in a modern, pluralistic, and gender neutral culture.

Joining me on the podcast today is Dr. Jennifer Miller, professor of Moral Theology at Notre Dame Seminary. Dr. Miller and I had the pleasure of working together during my four years on faculty at NDS. She is an expert on the study of human sexuality; rooting her thought in the minds of the last three popes: John Paull II, Benedict XVI, and Francis. She is a renowned lecturer on these topics and brings a much-needed feminine voice to understanding masculinity.

We discuss the practical and theological importance of understanding the male-female relationship. We talk about modern gender theory, the innate differences of men and women, the gifts and curses of men and women, and why we should look to Jesus as the Model of Masculinity not St. Joseph. (No offense to all the St. Joseph lovers of the world).

To contact Dr. Jennifer Miller, send her an email at jemillerstd@gmail.com

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