100 – Dr. Jennifer Morel on Sex, Gender, and Culture

 Episode 100! What a gift! Thanks for listening and supporting this show! Since it’s a big occasion, I thought it’d be best to welcome back my first guest, Dr. Jennifer Morel, moral theologian and Director of Research for the International Institute of Culture and Gender Studies, to talk about her research on sex and gender. 

In today’s episode we talk about her research that literally brought her all over the world. She interviewed leaders in 14 different cultures to gain a better understand of how culture influences our understanding of sex. We talk at length about the Catholic Church’s understanding of gender, the stories she heard in her interviews, how different cultures demonstrate healthy relationships between men and women, the dangers of the sociopolitical extremes on these topics, and how to pursue the truth about our human embodiedness. 

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Websites mentioned in the show: 

International Institute of Culture and Gender Studies website 

Dr. Jennifer Morel’s website 

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