Episode 97: Dr. Michael Horne on How Technology Impacts our Psychology

Let’s be honest and state that we are all on our devices and social media a lot these days. Scrolling. Watching. Commenting. Playing. But what impact do these devices have on our mental and spiritual health? How do they help or hurt us?

Joining me on the show today to talk about that is Dr. Michael Horne, Licensed Psychologist at the Alpha-Omega Clinic, and author of the book “Tech Talk: Strategies for Families in a Digital World” by Our Sunday Visitor.

In this episode, we discuss the ways technology impacts communication and our relationships, how social media should be a great starting place for communication but shouldn’t be the sole means of a relationship, how better allocation of our time is crucial to our technology use, the correlation between time online and mental health issues, how we define friendship in the Facebook age, and how to use technology for good and meaningful endeavors.

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Websites mentioned in the show:

Dr. Michael Horne’s website
“The Tech Talk” Book Link
Alpha Omega Clinic

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