080 – Hope Leads the Way, Lecture 3 of 3: The Power of Hope

This is it, the conclusion of Hope Leads the Way lecture series. This talk is called the Power of Hope. It builds on the first two talks and like the end of a good trilogy brings the whole thing together. We share some of the reasons why we worry, how to approach fear and anxiety through a lens of faith, how to foster resiliency, and how to place your focus on the lovely things of life. This talk that equips you with practical ways of living hope. I also lead you through a guided meditation in this presentation, so be ready for that. It is a Christian adaptation of a Loving-Kindness mediation, which is known to foster gratitude and increase positive emotions in our hearts.

Check out the previous two lectures before jumping into this one.

PowerPoint slides 

Link to Talk 1: Hope as Psychological Trait

Link to Talk 2: Hope as a Theological Virtue

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