077 – Fr. Brice Higginbotham on how to pray to the saints

Why do we pray to the saints? Is it important? How do they help us on the spiritual journey towards heaven? Joining me on the podcast to help answer these questions is Fr. Brice Higginbotham, priest of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, and author of the book “Daily Lessons from the Saints: 52 Weeks of Inspiration and Encouragement” by Rockridge Press.

In this episode, we discuss the reasons Catholics venerate saints, how to begin a devotion to a particular saint, erroneous ways of praying to saints, and a couple of my pet peeves about how saintly life is presented. We also talk about Fr Brice’s book and some of the surprising nuggets he learned while reading about the saints.

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Websites mentioned in the show:

Amazon link to “Daily Lessons from the Saints: 52 weeks of inspiration and encouragement”

Fr. Brice Higginbotham’s website

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