075 – Paul Malley on Five Wishes and Life Lessons from the Dying

What can the dying teach us about living a good life? How does awareness of our mortality benefit discernment? Is a peaceful death a grace, something you earn, or both?

This is the focus of today’s episode with Paul Malley, President of Aging with Dignity, a non-profit dedicated to safeguarding the rights of the elderly, disabled, and mentally ill especially during times of serious illness.

Paul beautifully shares insights and lessons learned from over 20 years of serving the sick and dying. We talk about the importance of knowing our mortality, how to organize our life around that awareness, the need to eliminate the unnecessary from our lives, how to find meaning during suffering, and why spending time with family is never wasted.

Don’t be dismayed by the heaviness of the topic, we keep the conversation anchored in hope and joy.

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Websites mentioned in the show:

Aging with Dignity website

Five Wishes website

“I Ran a Marathon” blog post

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