068 – How to Talk about Racism with Dr. Angel Parham

Is there a way to talk about race and social inequality that is not ideologically driven? Yes, there is! It involves putting people, community, and dialogue at the center of the conversation before jumping into politics and policy.

Joining Dr. Mario Sacasa on the show today is Dr. Angel Parham, Reverend Joseph H. Fichter, S.J. Distinguished Professor of Social Science and Associate Professor of Sociology at Loyola University-New Orleans. Dr. Parham is a scholar on the issue of race and class and brings a great expertise to this conversation.

They discuss the importance of dialoguing with people who think differently than us but more so, intentionally putting ourselves in culturally diverse communities. The need to resist jumping to quick conclusions or judgments when we see something that we disagree with, how to consider both empirical data and a group’s lived experiences, how to disagree with charity, and the role the church should play with race.

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