060 – Person of Hope: Fr Jim Schmitmeyer

I’ve dedicated this show to help you grow in your spiritual and emotional health. And while most of my shows have a specific theme or topic focused on growth areas, I’m trying something different today. For a while, I’ve wanted to not just do shows on themes but about people; I’ve wanted to interview “Persons of Hope”, people who are simply living life well and quietly doing God’s work. You know, the everyday saints who rarely get their due.

Joining me on the show today is Fr Jim Schmitmeyer, priest of the Diocese of Amarillo, TX and pastor of St John the Evangelist Church in the rural oilfield town of Borger, TX. In today’s episode, you will hear the tender heart of a shepherd who knows his sheep. Fr Jim shares stories of the varied folks in his parish boundary: oil field workers, drug addicts, farmers, bricklayers, and immigrants. And how they have all shown him the love of Christ in the world.  We also talk about preaching homilies to a diverse congregation, working in drug courts, and spiritual lessons learned from breaking horses.

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Fr Jim Schmitmeyer’s Blog: Priesthood from the Inside Out

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