058 – Adult Children of Divorce with Dr. Dan Meola

We know that divorce is a wide spread phenomenon, but what are the lasting effects of divorce on children? More specifically, how does a child’s experience of divorce linger into adulthood? What impact does divorce have on a child’s emotional and spiritual make-up? How can we respond better to children of divorce as a Church?

Joining Dr. Mario Sacasa on the show today is Dr. Dan Meola, founder of the Life-Giving Wounds, a ministry dedicated to helping adult children of divorce. In today’s episode, Dan shares beautifully about his experiences growing up in a split home, why he started this ministry, what he identifies as the key issues impacting children of divorce into adulthood, how the Church’s teachings on marriage and sexuality are healing, how the Church can create targeted pastoral initiatives to adult children of divorce, and we end with a brief conversation about the need to clarify language when talking about wounds.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drmariosacasa/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmariosacasa/

Websites mentioned in the show:

Life-Giving Wounds Website: www.lifegivingwounds.org

Public Religion Research Institute study “Exodus: Why Americans are Leaving Religion – and Why They’re Unlikely to Come Back”


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