045 – Running with Hope with Patrick Sullivan

Joining me on the show is Patrick Sullivan, founder of the Frassati Running Club in Baltimore, MD. Patrick is a four-time marathoner and theology teacher at Gonzaga High School in Washington, DC. In today’s episode, we discuss the profound connection between physical fitness and the spiritual life, how training for a marathon is an analogy for life, the importance of setting big goals for yourself, the need for community to achieve them, and various ways to manage your emotions should you not achieve those goals.

If you have been following me on this podcast or on social media, you know that I recently completed my first marathon and I hope this episode gives you the encouragement to set hard goals for yourself and go get them! As our country is forced to slow down because of the coronavirus, it is a good time to reprioritize what is most meaningful in life. Now, is the time to ask what do you want to do and device a plan to go do it.

Websites mentioned in the show:
Frassati Running Club

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