044 – How Abortion Became Legal with Angie Thomas

How did abortion become legal? This question has been on my mind recently. I understand the arguments on both sides, but I really wanted to know how the ability to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy became a constitutional right. So, I reached out to the best person I knew to ask this question.

Joining me on the show is Angie Thomas, CEO Emerita of the Women’s New Life Clinic. Angie is a lawyer and brings a unique perspective as someone who understands both the direct care and legal side of this conversation. We get into a heavy discussion about what was happening in our country circa 1973, the players involved in Roe v Wade, how the supreme court has maintained its position on abortion in other subsequent cases, and the repercussions if abortion became illegal again.

At the end of the episode, there is a little lagniappe. I interviewed my oldest son, Gabriel, who at 15 just attended his first March for Life. I wanted to share his experiences as a young person and the impact the trip had on him.

Websites mentioned in the show:
Women’s Life Clinic
Louisiana Right to Life

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