026 – Life with the Holy Spirit with Bob Osborne

As I was preparing for my yearly summer trip to Omaha, NE, I packed my podcasting equipment knowing that I was going to interview with Fr Timothy Gallagher, the last episode, but I had a sense that there would be someone else that I would meet and interview. So, on a fateful evening, in our dorm’s common area, I met Bob Osborne, a Pentecostal pastor from Calgary, Canada. We were both trying to watch the NBA Finals, but quickly connected and shared some great conversations while watching the series. We went to lunch, and it quickly became apparent that he would be my other interview in Omaha.

Because a chance encounter like that could only be the Holy Spirit, we decided to focus our conversation on the third person of the trinity. Bob’s gentleness, optimism, and depth deeply impressed me and those qualities shine in this interview. So, we got into it and ask who is the Holy Spirit and how do we come to know him? We talked about how to decipher experiences in life and letting them lead you to the truth. We discussed embracing the gifts of thinking, feeling, and choosing. He opened up about his journey of faith, which has led him to the deep roots of our faith. We talked about what it means to have faith in an infinite personal God (his phrase). And lastly how the sanity of Jesus should guide our experiences of the Holy Spirit.

Many gems waiting for you in this episode. When it is done, please subscribe and share this episode with anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the Holy Spirit.

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