024 – The Risk and Rewards of Free Will with Dr. Tom Neal

Why did God give us free will? Think about it. All the poor judgments made by humans, the evils we have committed, the collective sins of history… wouldn’t creation have been better off without free agency? By the end of this show, you’ll know why the answer to that question is an unequivocal “No.”

I bring back my good friend Dr. Tom Neal, and his patience, as he allows me to wrestle with these deep and troubling questions. Once again, his wisdom shines through in his answers. In this episode, we go after why God gave us free will, how without we could not love, the problem of moral evil, how we are not mere puppets in the hand of capricious God, why we need to cherish this supreme gift endowed on us, and glimpse of what our free will may look like in heaven.

I know I say this with all my episodes, but this truly is another gem of a show. At times, we get philosophical but hang it there, because it is worth it. You’ll walk way cherishing the gift of your freedom.

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