023 – Healing After Abortion or Miscarriage with Michaelene Fredenburg

Abortion. You can’t say the word without evoking angst, defensiveness, and possibly rage. The problem, however, with the word becoming a political barometer of left vs right affiliation is that the people who suffer them are being lost in the cracks. We must mourn the unborn and help the men and women who have made the decision to end their pregnancy. Is it possible to push past the politics and just try to be helpful? Or what about a miscarriage? How do we minister to someone when they’ve experienced this? It just seems like we don’t know how to talk about these moments with freedom, empathy, and compassion. That’s what this episode is about and joining me today is the Founder and Director of Life Perspectives, Michealene Fredenburg.

In this episode, we talk about the various types of reproductive loss and best practices when helping someone after they’ve experienced it. We discuss the differences in grief due to a miscarriage or an abortion. We challenge the notion that it is just business as usual following either one. We also talk about the differences between how men and women grieve following a reproductive loss.

I know this is a sensitive topic, but my prayer is that you can listen to our conversation with an open heart. There are a lot of people in our communities who have experienced a miscarriage or an abortion. We need to give them space to speak up and process their pain. If that’s you, my hope is that this episode gives you that permission to grieve.

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