022 – Finding a Happy Balance with Paul George

You know how you want to do everything in life, but you just feel like you can’t do it all? If that’s you, then this is your episode. If you’re like me, finding the balance between the idealistic and the practical feels easier than finding a unicorn in the forest. Can you follow a dream and provide for your family? Or is this just a Sisyphean endeavor?

Joining me today on the show is Paul George, author of the book “Rethink Happiness” by Ave Maria Press. He is a popular globe-trotting speaker to youth and young adults. And in his spare time, he runs a couple of non-profits and is married with five kids. So, yeah, he’s a busy dude trying to find that happy balance in life.

In today’s episode, we discuss how to live with conviction while addressing the practical demands of life. He expands upon his personal mission of helping people understand “the art of living” and why mentorship is key for it. We talk about how to handle dreams left unfulfilled and knowing when it’s time to move on. We chat about the need for ongoing personal conversion. And we end this episode, talking about how to teach our kids the importance of working through failures.

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