021 – Catholic Feminism with Dr. Jennifer Miller

In this show, I don’t mess around with easy topics, as I have stated many times, my desire is to find God’s goodness precisely in the challenging places our lives and culture. So, I couldn’t help myself when I got curious about how two seemingly opposed ideologies can actually fit together: Catholicism and Feminism. Can there be such a thing as a Catholic feminism? Yes, there can, but we need to talk about what that looks like.

Joining me once again on the show is Dr. Jennifer Miller from Notre Dame Seminary, since the last time I had her on, she has become the Director of Research at a center she co-founded called the International Institute of Culture and Gender Studies.  I promised you way back with the first episode on authentic masculinity that I would have her back on to talk about femininity and, boy, this episode was worth the wait.

Put your thinking caps on with me in this one because we get into it and talk about the historical roots of Catholic feminism, ways women are distinct from men, particular challenges women face today, concerns for women as we march forward with a gender-less society, and why understanding sex complementarity is the best option. The conversation is very timely for many of the larger questions women and men face today.

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