020 – Spousal Prayer with Jason Angelette

The busyness of life makes it difficult to find time to reconnect and rest together as spouses. Often it feels like everything becomes a priority before my spouse. Even when we are doing good things for our families and ministries, we have to stop and be deliberate to pray with our spouse. But how? That’s the topic of conversation for today’s episode. Which is the last part of my relationship miniseries, if you have missed those, please check them out.

Joining me today is Jason Angelette, Director, and my brother-in-arms at Willwoods Faith and Marriage. Jason and I have done a number of Facebook livestreams on various topics about life and culture, but this was his first time as a guest on Always Hope! He has written a great program that teaches couples how to prayer together, call United in Love, United in Christ, so I knew he was the perfect person to talk about it. In this episode, we talk about the importance of both individual and couple prayer time, why we need more leisure in our lives, how an established couple prayer life spills over to our children, and the importance of couples going on retreats together. We get into some practical and creative ways of finding prayer time in the busyness of life.

At the end of the show, I answer a question from a listener that was submitted on the “Ask Dr. Mario” tab on faithandmarriage.org/alwayshope. The question is about how to manage difficult conversations with our spouses, specifically when there is a disagreement with finances.

Head over to faithandmarriage.org, so you can find more information about our upcoming marriage retreats and other resources we have to support you on your faith journey.


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United in Love, United in Christ

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