017 – How Pornography Impacts Vocational Discernment with Fr. Sean Kilcawley

It’s no secret that compulsive pornography use has become a rising issue in our culture. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, the ability to access pornographic images and videos are easier than ever. And leading scientists in brain research are starting to show the detrimental effects porn is having on our neurobiology. There are many tremendous resources available to help people in recovery, so my focus for this show is on how pornography detrimentally impacts a person’s ability to discern their vocation in life. What guidelines should someone entering the seminary with this issue look for? What should I do if I’m a priest who struggles with porn and masturbation? When should I seriously consider dating if I have this compulsion? Or how involved should I be in my spouse’s recovery?

I dive deep into these questions and joining me on the show today is Fr. Sean Kilcawley, priest of the Diocese of Lincoln, NE. Fr. Sean is a nationally recognized speaker on the topic of pornography and how the Church should respond to people caught in its grip. His voice is clear and filled with compassion. In this episode, Fr. Sean shares his history with sex addiction and how helping others in their recovery is a matter of evangelistic importance. We define our terms and clarify what we mean by the term ‘addiction.’ We talk about how seminaries should handle porn use and the healthy expectations seminarians should have for themselves before stepping out of formation. He shares his particular dedication towards the recovery of other priests. And lastly, we turn our attention to offer guidelines for those of you who are dating or married.

We cannot bury our head in the sand about this issue anymore and my hope for this episode is that it provides some clarity for your discernment. This is a beautiful and challenging episode. Thanks for listening. When the show is done, please take second to message me your thoughts on Instagram or Facebook (@drmariosacasa).

Website mentioned in the show:

  1. International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals website
  2. Sean’s Talk at Engaged Encounter Conference
  3. Barna Study: The Porn Phenomenon
  4. Integrity Restored
  5. Bloom for Women

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