016 – AMA on Dating

On Always Hope, I’m usually the one who is asking the questions and guiding the conversation, but in this special episode, the roles have been reversed. On February, 25, 2019, I was invited to do an open Q&A on dating and relationship advice at the John Paul II House at Louisiana State University. That is a Catholic fraternity at a public school, which is just amazing! The JPII house is a ministry of Christ the King, the parish on LSU’s campus.

What you are getting in this episode is the full Q&A with minimal edits. The doors were open to whoever wanted to come and the room was packed with a good mix of men and women in attendance. It is a lively conversation where the college students asked me great questions about dating, marriage, raising kids, discernment, stages of relationships, and the much-contested question, “is there a soulmate?” What a gift to answer such great questions!

A very special shout out to the folks at Christ the King who made this episode possible: Fr. Andrew Merrick the pastor (thanks for letting this take place at your parish), Adam Trufant, who came up with the idea and really put the whole thing together (You rock!), the guys at the JPII house, for your hospitality to me and everyone else who crashed your living room that evening, and Shellie Pergola, for your technical wizardry! This episode turned out amazing! Thank you all.

This episode is the beginning of a miniseries that I’m doing on relationship advice. The next few episodes of Always Hope will focus on prayer in marriage, how pornography disrupts our ability to discern marriage or celibacy, and other dating advice. As I’ve said before, this podcast wants you to find God’s goodness in life’s challenges and so we have to bring hope and clarity to marriage and relationships. Please, subscribe to the show so you don’t miss the future episodes!


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