012 – Beauty Will Save The World with Bill Donaghy

Have you ever had a hard day at work and while you are driving home all you can think about is the stress and tension of the day? Then, out of nowhere, you see the sun setting and it just captures your heart and for a brief moment, your stress dissipates as you get lost in the beauty of the moment. Or, how come we know which song to listen to or movie to watch when we need a good cry? In other words,why does beauty pierce our hearts?

Answering those questions in depth is the focus of today’s episode and joining me on the show is Bill Donaghy, Senior Lecturer and Content Specialist for the Theology of the Body Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bill has delivered numerous lectures on the topic of beauty and its implications to faith and life.

In this episode, we talk about the transcendental nature of beauty, its relationship with truth and goodness, the role of beauty in bringing hope to others, how being overly pragmatic is not fully human, and how beauty can raise us above our suffering. We end the show by exploring practical ways to cultivate more attention to beauty in your life.

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