007 – The Spiritual Life of an Artist with Greg Boudreaux

Art has a significant role in the spiritual life. The ability to enter into the creative process, regardless of the medium, is an invitation by God to share in his creative energies. We need to stop neglecting our inner artist and see how God uses art to communicate his love in the world.

Joining me today is singer and songwriter Greg Boudreaux. He is half of the musical duo Greg&Lizzy and a member of the new musical venture, The Vigil Project. In this show, we talk about the role art plays in the spiritual life and evangelization, the importance of not looking at celebrity as the full measure of artistic success, his perspectives on writing songs with his wife, and the happenings and mission of The Vigil Project.

BONUS CONTENT: With gratitude to Greg, he has given me permission to include one of Greg&Lizzy’s songs at the end of the show! In this episode, we briefly discuss the song “Layla” from their album, “Now That I Have Love,” and I thought that it would be fitting to have it easily accessible to my listeners. So, it is waiting for you at the end of this podcast. Hope you enjoy the song!


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