006 – Memory in Scripture with Dr. Brant Pitre

Have you ever wondered why the Bible makes so many references to the past? Up and down the old and new testaments, there are repeated appeals to “remember the works of the Lord” or for God to “remember his children.” This is because according to Scripture memory plays an important role in cultivating hope and building our relationship with God.

Hope and Memory are today’s focus and I couldn’t think of anyone better to have this discussion with than renowned scripture scholar, Dr. Brant Pitre. Dr. Pitre serves as the Distinguished Research Professor of Theology at the Augustine Institute and the author of numerous books and resources on the Bible and the Jewish roots of Christianity. In today’s episode, we examine the ways memory is important for relationship, how the liturgy is an act of remembrance, how to use scripture to pray through painful memories, and what repentance of our sins means in our relationship with Christ.

May this episode help you to better understand how God “remembers” you.

BONUS CONTENT: At the end of the episode, Dr. Pitre and I geek out for a few minutes about the music of Andrew Peterson. This has little to do with the subject of memory and scripture, but we could not hide our appreciation for his music. I hope that you would consider adding him to your listening queue. Enjoy!

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