002 – Faith and Doubt with Chris O’Neil

Let’s admit it, trying to have faith can at times be challenging. I love God, but sometimes I doubt: his goodness, his providence, his presence. This episode is about knowing what to do with those doubts when they arise. Ignoring, stuffing, or pretending they will go away are not the best options.

Joining me today is Chris O’Neil, part-time family life minister for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, full-time husband and father, and theologian extraordinaire. Chris is a longtime friend and the inception of this podcast emerged after many conversations we have had over the years on this topic. He shares from his deep theological knowledge but also his personal experiences with these questions.

We take a deep dive into trying to make sense of those moments in life, examine the difference between involuntary and voluntary doubt, discuss the role of doubt as aid to growing our faith, and explore how the challenges in marriage can serve as an analogy to the challenges in our faith life. We end the show by pointing to hope and offer some practical suggestions on how to get through those difficult moments of doubt.

You are not alone in this struggle. We hope the show gives you some guidance on knowing when doubt is healthy and when it is destructive, and what to do during the hard times.

To contact Chris O’Neill, send him an email at coneill@arch-no.org

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