Trust In Him, Who Loves Us Most

“If somebody walked in the room and told me that they loved them more than me, I’d probably want to punch them in the face. But the reality is that God loves us so much more, He’s got us so much more than I ever could.”

Beauty in Redemptive Suffering: Part 1

“Us and our five kids, we’re praying for people and we’re offering up what could be tragic up to God, and we’re redeeming souls. Everybody’s praying for a miracle, I tell you what, we’ve already had a miracle.”

Chances for Saintly Patience

When we go to God, it’s not that I need to be afraid to ask for patience, because I’m afraid that if I ask for it, God’s going to give me all these opportunities for me to be patient; that’s daily life. God gives us the grace to be patient.

Follow the Order of Love

“There’s this strict call for all of us to remain ordered to the truth of love in our relationship; it’s when we’re abiding in Christ, when we’re united in Him, that’s how we can love rightly. “

The Holy Day: Rest and Receive

Especially in church, there’s a community of believers. Not just on a boat and finding Jesus out there, you can find Jesus on the boat all the time. But there’s a special call for us to go to Mass, to go to church and to rest with our Lord, and to receive him in word and in sacrament.

Divine Dialogue

We don’t go into a doctor’s office, rattle on all our ailments, and then just walk out the door. We tell the doctor what’s wrong, and then we wait and listen to what the doctor has to say, and what the doctor is going to do for us.

Lucky or Blessed?

Luck implies it’s random happening, that there’s this fairy Lady Luck who flies around waving her wand. And that’s not true. You’re undermining and not giving credit to God, who is the one, the source of all blessings.

Reservoir of Peace

If we’re relying on our own strength to do the things that we need to do, then we’re giving our “us” to one another, giving ourself to someone. We need to be giving Christ to one another, so we need to be filled with Christ.

Making Time For His Strength

“We have to realize that the ability for us to accomplish the things that we think we need to do – to do God’s will – that source and that strength is not in us alone. That source and that strength comes from God alone. We need to be receptive to that.”

Jason challenges believers who say that they don’t have time to pray. It was St. Francis who said that you should pray at least 30 minutes a day, and when you’re busy, you should pray for an hour. This is a reminder that there will always be things that we feel we need to do, but there is nothing we need more than than God. He is the source of the strength that we need to do the tasks that lie before us.

He also looks to the example of Mother Theresa’s prayer life. When she was challenged about how much time she could be doing ministry if she wasn’t before the blessed sacrament, she doubled her time in prayer. Toward the end of her life she began spending three hours in prayer – she knew that she could not carry on without the strength of the Lord.

No one will arrive on their dying day and say, “I wish I had not spend so much time in prayer.” Rather we will all come to realize that we have relied too heavily on ourselves, and could always be more connected to the Father.