Live Out Your Vows

“In chapter 3 of Genesis, we read that Satan tempts Adam and Eve to turn away from God’s plan. In a way he’s tricking them to think that God doesn’t have their happiness in mind. That the father of lies wants to make them believe that the Father who is Love cannot be trusted and that His Plan, His Will, His Commands not only are too much to bear but are actually keeping us away from what is good for us. And it was precisely in this turning away, this breaking faith, this going against God’s plan that brought on the fall and the challenges in love. At the heart of it, from Genesis to today the question still remains; Do you, Do I trust God?

Marriage is a Vocation

“Whenever we feel like we’re in dire straights or at the end of our rope, we can be assured that if He brought us together then He’ll keep us together. This can be an amazing comfort, knowing that even though we make mistakes, our mistakes won’t be too great to break or dissolve our union together.”

God’s Great Plan

“With all the attacks and struggles happening onto marriage, inside and out, demands that all of us come to a deeper understanding of what marriage is, live it out to the full, protect it, defend it, and find ways to strengthen and build it up.”

Storms Will Come

“Seeing these beautiful perfect pictures so I guess they conclude they must be beautiful perfect marriages. But while marriages are beautiful, they come with struggles. It’s not a unique phenomenon, no more than struggles working toward a degree, advancing in a career, running a marathon, or exceling in a sport. None of us should be deceived to think that any marriage is without difficulties.”

Giving Your Spouse Permission

“In that passage in Matthew’s Gospel, where he talks about the splinter in your neighbor’s eye, and you see that splinter, and you think ‘there’s that splinter, I’m going to pull it out’, we were warned that before we go do that, first remove the plank out of your own eye.”

Fostering Prayer

“We need to walk with them in prayer, to kneel down next to them by the bed before they go to sleep, to say those prayers, and to have that be their memory of their mom or their dad holding their hand.”