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122 – How to Prolife | Debbie Capen

Joining me on the show is Debbie Capen, Executive Director of MiraVia, to talk about the effective ways of spreading the prolife message through local service. In today’s episode, Debbie describes the services of MiraVia, which include a community outreach center and a residency home for pregnant college women. We also talk about how to best serve women facing an

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121 – Psychology and the Cross | Kristen Van Uden

Can Psychology and Catholicism play nicely together? Absolutely they can and an early attempt to explain how is found in the book, “Psychology and The Cross,” written in 1959 by Fr. G. Emmett Carter. Since Fr. Carter passed away in 2003, I have Kristen Van Uden, from Sophia Institute Press, joining me on the show to talk about his insights.

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120 – A Catholic Approach to Transgenderism | Jason Evert

How should Catholics respond to transgenderism? Is there a way forward that honors the person struggling while not disregarding the reality of human sexuality? I think so. Joining me on the show to have this conversation is Jason Evert, popular Catholic speaker, and author of the book, “Male, Female, Other? A Catholic Guide to Understanding Gender.” In today’s episode, we

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119 – Eat Healthy. Be Holy. | Dr. Kevin Vost

Joining me on the show today is Dr. Kevin Vost, author of the book “You Are That Temple: A Catholic Guide to Health and Holiness.” In today’s show, we discuss why healthy eating is part of a healthy spiritual life, finding the line between being good stewards of our body and succumbing to a idolization of the body, how to

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118 – How Faith Constructs Culture | Danny Fitzpatrick

Joining me on the show today is Danny Fitzpatrick, Editor of the Joie de Vivre Journal, to talk about the intertangled relationship between faith, tradition, art, and culture. We discuss how culture is an embodied religion, the importance of traditions, and the necessity of the creative process to move culture forward. We examine our modern fragmented culture, ask “who is

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117 – Eric Sammons on Holiness According to Josemaria Escriva

Have you ever wondered if working in a cubicle can make you saint? Do we all have to leave our ‘real world’ jobs and work for a church ministry? What does holiness look like? In this episode, we turn to St. Josemaria Escriva, a 20th Century Spanish priest, for some answers. Joining me on the show is Eric Sammons, author

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Speaking Events

Past Event: “Hope Leads the Way” Seminar at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Tallahassee, Florida

Talk 1: Hope as a Psychological Trait

Talk 3: The Power of Hope

Talk 2: Hope as a Theological Virtue

  • Check back soon for upcoming events!

    I am a Catholic Christian husband and father, that’s my primary vocation and passion. I am happily married to my wife of 16 years, Kristin, and together we share the joy of parenting our four sons. At Willwoods, I am blessed to serve as the Associate Director of the Faith and Marriage Apostolate. In this position, I work closely with my friend Jason Angelette (Director) as we try to serve married couples and individuals on their journey of faith. I offer retreats and lectures, write for the blog, and host a bi-weekly podcast, Always Hope.

    Through our ministry, you can certainly expect some great content specifically targeted for married couples. I am proud of the work we do for couples and hope that these resources bless you. Yet, renewing our culture to be pro-marriage means more than just supporting married couples. The undergirding themes of love and faith transcend all states of life. So, if you are single or dating and happened to come across this page or listened to my podcast, know that you are in the right place, too.

    As a marriage counselor, I strongly believe that good theology and good counseling theory can work together. You will see this mash-up throughout my writings, lectures, and podcasts.

    I am happy you are here with us and hope you enjoy what we have to offer!



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