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025 – Spiritual Desolation with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

025 – Spiritual Desolation with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

You know the scenario. Everything is going well, prayer is rich, family is good, life is generally pleasant. And then out of nowhere something comes along that upsets the apple cart. You start feeling a little discouraged and the first thing to go is prayer. Why? If God wants me to be close to him, …


019 – Discerning the Celibate Priesthood (BONUS)

BONUS EPISODE! Consider this episode a little lagniappe, as they like to say in Southern Louisiana. On March 23, 2019, I gave a presentation on discerning the celibate priesthood to seminarians at Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona, MN. Thanks to Fr. Marty Schaefer and their Rector Fr. Robert Horihan for, who invited me to lead their “Vir in

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018 – Know When to Get Married with Mary-Rose Verret

This is part 3 of my miniseries on dating and discernment and like the previous two episodes, I am trying to explore the balance between the theoretical and the practical when it comes to discernment because often the advice that is given errors one way or the other. In this episode, I target questions surrounding when you should move forward

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017 – How Pornography Impacts Vocational Discernment with Fr. Sean Kilcawley

It’s no secret that compulsive pornography use has become a rising issue in our culture. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, the ability to access pornographic images and videos are easier than ever. And leading scientists in brain research are starting to show the detrimental effects porn is having on our neurobiology. There are many tremendous resources available to help

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016 – AMA on Dating

On Always Hope, I’m usually the one who is asking the questions and guiding the conversation, but in this special episode, the roles have been reversed. On February, 25, 2019, I was invited to do an open Q&A on dating and relationship advice at the John Paul II House at Louisiana State University. That is a Catholic fraternity at a

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015 – Catholic Mindfulness with Dr. Gregory Bottaro

Mindfulness is a buzzword in the field of mental health. Studies have shown its effectiveness for treating a whole host of issues from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. What is Mindfulness and why is it helpful? Moreover, recognizing that this practice is rooted in a Buddhist spiritual tradition, how does a Catholic Christian appropriately integrate mindfulness into their lives? Is

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014 – Redemptive Suffering with Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein

In this podcast, I often talk about suffering in life and various ways to overcome it. That’s because I believe that knowing how to handle our suffering is the key to unlocking personal maturity and happiness. So, in today’s show, I am focusing the conversation squarely on understanding how to make suffering redemptive. Redemptive suffering is not an oxymoron, but

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What is Hope?

I launched the Always Hope podcast back in October 2018 to help you see how living with hope will improve your life and relationships and better equip you to navigate cultural issues. It is a joy doing the show, but

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Mystery, Modesty, and Romance

When I was a college student, the director of the Catholic Student Union at Florida State University, Br. Sam Gunn often had words of wisdom to us college kids and the one that I want to write about today concerns

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Masculinity is Not Toxic

I’m feeling fired up right now about the many recent charges against men and “toxic masculinity.” I think we have to calm down a bit, see the goodness in manhood, and not merely define the entire male side of the

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I am a Catholic Christian husband and father, that’s my primary vocation and passion. I am happily married to my wife of 16 years, Kristin, and together we share the joy of parenting our four sons. At Willwoods, I am blessed to serve as the Associate Director of the Faith and Marriage Apostolate. In this position, I work closely with my friend Jason Angelette (Director) as we try to serve married couples and individuals on their journey of faith. I offer retreats and lectures, write for the blog, and host a bi-weekly podcast, Always Hope.

Through our ministry, you can certainly expect some great content specifically targeted for married couples. I am proud of the work we do for couples and hope that these resources bless you. Yet, renewing our culture to be pro-marriage means more than just supporting married couples. The undergirding themes of love and faith transcend all states of life. So, if you are single or dating and happened to come across this page or listened to my podcast, know that you are in the right place, too.

As a marriage counselor, I strongly believe that good theology and good counseling theory can work together. You will see this mash-up throughout my writings, lectures, and podcasts.

I am happy you are here with us and hope you enjoy what we have to offer!



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