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045 – Running with Hope with Patrick Sullivan

045 – Running with Hope with Patrick Sullivan

Joining me on the show is Patrick Sullivan, founder of the Frassati Running Club in Baltimore, MD. Patrick is a four-time marathoner and theology teacher at Gonzaga High School in Washington, DC. In today’s episode, we discuss the profound connection between physical fitness and the spiritual life, how training for a marathon is an analogy …


039 – The Spirituality of Archbishop Fulton Sheen with Fr. Jeff Montz

Dr. Mario Sacasa welcomes Fr. Jeff Montz, Director of Spiritual Formation at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA to discuss the life and spiritual teachings of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, which was the focus of Fr. Jeff’s graduate thesis. Archbishop Fulton Sheen was a frontrunner in using mass media to spread the Gospel. In today’s episode, they dissect the pillars

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038 – The First Five Years of Marriage with David Dawson

Dr. Mario Sacasa welcomes David Dawson, Director of the Family Life Office for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, to the show to discuss the realities of the early years of married life. They have a lively conversation about living together, money, sex, kids, and establishing new holiday traditions. This episode offers clear and practical advice drawing from their personal experience

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037 – The Elements of Joy with Sr. Tracey Dugas

Dr. Mario Sacasa welcomes Sr. Tracey, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, to discuss the process of finding and maintaining joy in life, how to discern with joy and desire, looking at art as an expression of one’s interior, and how to promote joy on social media. They end with a brief conversation about Dr. Jordan Peterson and

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036 – Ask Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario fields questions from listeners in this bonus episode of the podcast! How to establish chastity in a relationship following a conversion? Is it permissible to remarry after a divorce when the previous spouse has already moved onto a new marriage? How to parent boys and their competitiveness? And a follow-up question that Dr. Mario asked John DeJak about

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035 – Who is Fr. Walter Ciszek? with John M. DeJak

I welcome to the show John M. DeJak, co-editor of the book “With God in America: The Spiritual Legacy of an Unlikely Jesuit,” to talk about Fr. Walter Ciszek’s life and spiritual teachings. Fr. Ciszek spent over 20 years in a Soviet prison and the Gulags of Northern Siberia after a false accusation of being a Vatican Spy operating in

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034 – Demons, Deliverance, and Exorcism with Fr. Mike Driscoll

Halloween has become our nation’s yearly fascination with the occult, horror, and all things creepy. (This is unfortunate, because trick-or-treating is awesome!) Since, it is just around the corner, now is a good time to talk about how the Catholic faith understands demons, their power, and offers methods of prayer against the powers of evil. Dr. Mario Sacasa is joined

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Jesus is King Album Reflection

A year after my conversion, which happened on a retreat during my freshman year of college, I had to come to terms with the media I was consuming and the effects it was having on my thoughts and imagination. Growing

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I am a Catholic Christian husband and father, that’s my primary vocation and passion. I am happily married to my wife of 16 years, Kristin, and together we share the joy of parenting our four sons. At Willwoods, I am blessed to serve as the Associate Director of the Faith and Marriage Apostolate. In this position, I work closely with my friend Jason Angelette (Director) as we try to serve married couples and individuals on their journey of faith. I offer retreats and lectures, write for the blog, and host a bi-weekly podcast, Always Hope.

Through our ministry, you can certainly expect some great content specifically targeted for married couples. I am proud of the work we do for couples and hope that these resources bless you. Yet, renewing our culture to be pro-marriage means more than just supporting married couples. The undergirding themes of love and faith transcend all states of life. So, if you are single or dating and happened to come across this page or listened to my podcast, know that you are in the right place, too.

As a marriage counselor, I strongly believe that good theology and good counseling theory can work together. You will see this mash-up throughout my writings, lectures, and podcasts.

I am happy you are here with us and hope you enjoy what we have to offer!



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