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103 – We’re Moving!

103 – We’re Moving!

In this short episode, I’m sharing a huge announcement… We are moving to Charlotte, NC. This show is about hope right? So, I’m happy to share that this long-held desire of ours is finally coming to fruition. Also, a brief programming note, because of the demands of the move, I will be pausing the show …


102 – Fr Josh Johnson on Race , Evangelization, and Discipleship

Today, I welcome back my friend, Fr Josh Johnson to talk about his new book “On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Restoring God’s Vision of Race and Discipleship.” We have a wonderful conversation about the importance of seeing race and ethnicity primarily through the lens of the gospel and evangelization, as this is the great commission of Jesus. We

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101 – Cristofer Pereyra and Erin Monnin on Catholic Leadership for Civil Society

So often we feel that to be a faithful Catholic, we need to work for the Church, or some Church related ministry. But I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. You can and need to exercise Catholic values and ethics in your workspaces, communities, and neighborhoods. But how? Joining me on the show to teach us about Catholic

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100 – Dr. Jennifer Morel on Sex, Gender, and Culture

 Episode 100! What a gift! Thanks for listening and supporting this show! Since it’s a big occasion, I thought it’d be best to welcome back my first guest, Dr. Jennifer Morel, moral theologian and Director of Research for the International Institute of Culture and Gender Studies, to talk about her research on sex and gender.  In today’s episode we talk

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099 – Dr. Paul Vitz on the Dangers of a Secular Psychology

Joining me on the show today is Dr. Paul Vitz, Senior Scholar and Professor at Divine Mercy University. Dr. Vitz is a legend in the Catholic psychotherapy world and it’s a true honor to have him on the show. We have wonderful conversation about the dangers of secular humanism in psychology, the need to have a proper understanding of the

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098 – Ben Clapper on What’s Next for the Pro-Life Movement in a Post-Roe America?

Following the leak of the draft decision from Supreme Court, the question on everyone’s minds is, “Now what?” If the final decision is left intact and Roe v Wade gets overturned, what does that mean for abortion access in the US? How will states respond? How will the federal government respond? What are the next steps for the pro-life movement

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Speaking Events

Past Event: “Hope Leads the Way” Seminar at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Tallahassee, Florida

Talk 1: Hope as a Psychological Trait

Talk 3: The Power of Hope

Talk 2: Hope as a Theological Virtue

  • Check back soon for upcoming events!

    The Art of Good Decision-Making

    Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Every day we are faced with a thousand little choices of what to do and where to be. Do I hit the snooze button? Do I check my email before getting out of bed? What type of

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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review

    “Symbols are nothing without the men and women that give them meaning,” says Sam Wilson in the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That thought is very close to being true, but he should have said, “Symbols

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    WandaVision Review

    WandaVision unapologetically asks a lot of its viewers. A quirky tv show about superheroes set within the look and feel of classic sitcoms? That doesn’t make any sense. Something about it feels disjointed and odd. Which, as you realize by

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    I am a Catholic Christian husband and father, that’s my primary vocation and passion. I am happily married to my wife of 16 years, Kristin, and together we share the joy of parenting our four sons. At Willwoods, I am blessed to serve as the Associate Director of the Faith and Marriage Apostolate. In this position, I work closely with my friend Jason Angelette (Director) as we try to serve married couples and individuals on their journey of faith. I offer retreats and lectures, write for the blog, and host a bi-weekly podcast, Always Hope.

    Through our ministry, you can certainly expect some great content specifically targeted for married couples. I am proud of the work we do for couples and hope that these resources bless you. Yet, renewing our culture to be pro-marriage means more than just supporting married couples. The undergirding themes of love and faith transcend all states of life. So, if you are single or dating and happened to come across this page or listened to my podcast, know that you are in the right place, too.

    As a marriage counselor, I strongly believe that good theology and good counseling theory can work together. You will see this mash-up throughout my writings, lectures, and podcasts.

    I am happy you are here with us and hope you enjoy what we have to offer!



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