136 – Redefining Success | Pastor Terry Brisbane and Rusty Rueff

How should Christians engage at the crossroads of work, technology, and the creative life? How do modern advancements in computing and coding shape our faith? What are realistic fears of generative AI?

Joining me on the show is Terry Brisbane, lead pastor at CornerstoneSF in San Francisco, CA, and Rusty Rueff, host of Faith Driven Entrepreneur, to talk about their new book “Faith Code: A Future-Proof Framework for a Life of Meaning and Impact.”

In today’s episode, we discuss how to build our lives like a platform not an app, the future of technology and its impact on our lives, their ground level experience of what is happening in Silicon Valley and how that impacts culture, the hopes for technology, and areas of concern. We also discuss the role of work in our faith life, where to begin when you are discerning a career, and how to define success through the lens of the Gospel.

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Dr. Mario Sacasa

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