124 – What Makes a Man | Fr. Jim Rafferty

How do we define masculinity in an evolving world? What does a healthy and mature man look like? What are qualities men should be pursuing and which ones undermine his masculinity?

Joining me on the show to have this important conversation is Fr. Jim Rafferty, Director of Spiritual Formation for the Institute for Priestly Formation. Fr. Rafferty offers much wisdom in this episode based on his many years of forming seminarians and priests.

In today’s episode, we discuss the challenges of making choices amidst conflicting desires and priorities, emphatically stating that masculinity is best defined in relationship and not as a lone wolf, looking to Jesus as the model of manhood par excellence, embracing weakness as part of life, and learning to see and respond to the popular caricatures of manhood.

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Websites mentioned in the show:
Institute for Priestly Formation
Episode 8: How to Discern a Lifelong Vocation with Fr. Jim Rafferty

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Associate Director of Faith and Marriage

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