116 – Juan Carlos Carredano and Mike Day on Can Technology Aid Prayer?

We certainly hear of the many ways that technology is hampering our faith life and leading to increased distractions in prayer. But can we use technology to aid our prayer life and help us grow closer to the Lord? Joining me on the show to talk about that are Juan Carlos Carredano, CEO of CCC of America, and Mike Day, founder of Cor Ignis Inspiring Technologies.

They are the winners of the most recent OSV Challenge’s technology track.

In today’s episode, we talk about the challenges of brings creative ideas into fruition, the need for innovation from Catholics in the technology sector, how our creative energies cooperate with God’s will, the need for excellence when being creative, how technology can aid our prayer life, and they offer details about their respective award winning projects, My Guardian Dear, and VCON.

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Websites mentioned in the show:
Cor Ignis Inspiring Technologies
CCC of America

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Associate Director of Faith and Marriage

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