115 – Sam Blair on Achieving Peak Performance

Have you ever wondered what it means to be your best? Or what it feels like to chase a dream? Or be in an environment where you find that your unique skills line up perfectly with the work you do? Or are you simply frustrated by your current work circumstances? Joining me on the podcast is Sam Blair, former Navy Seal and co-founder of The Frassati Company to talking achieving peak performance in your life.

Sam shares about his time as a Naval Officer, the challenges of having hard conversations with your spouse when dreams and desires aren’t lining up between you, doing ambitious things with the Lord, knowing what is enough, what peak performance looks like for a work team, how to maintain personal agency even in difficult work environments, and how to discern next steps.

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The Frassati Company
Valetta Industries
Big Yellow Coffee

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Associate Director of Faith and Marriage

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