114 – Alex and Melissa Dee on Good Storytelling for Kids and the Saints Alive Podcast

By now you probably know that I love movies and good storytelling, so joining me on the show to talk about the necessity of creating engaging stories for kids are two of the creators of the popular Saints Alive Podcast, Alex and Melissa Dee. Saints Alive is a radio drama podcast about the lives of the saints that is geared to kids. My youngest son is a fan of this podcast, so I got serious street cred at home when I told him I was interviewing them.

I recorded this conversation back in December and we had a delightful and free flowing conversation on a wide range of topics. Alex and Melissa share their journey of starting the Saints Alive podcast with their friend Tanner, winning a $100k from the OSV Challenge, learning to navigate differences in desires and lifegoals as a couple, the importance of having hard conversations, the need for good storytelling, and they share a bit about their creative process.

After listening to this episode, if you can think of one person who could benefit from it, then don’t be a hoarder and pass it along. If you enjoyed then someone else will too.

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Websites mentioned in the show:
Saints Alive Website

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Dr. Mario Sacasa

Associate Director of Faith and Marriage

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