Allow God to Move You

God has been very patient with me in that process to recognize – “Look, your life’s not gonna be a total failure. This is gonna be a totally different adventure, and it’s going to be what I create. And there’s no way you can understand that now, but you’re gonna see it lay out day after day. When you put yourself in my hands, watch what happens.”

Impasse of Faith and Will

“I was always learning more and more about the church, and about Christ and diving deeper into the sacraments and prayer; my heart was on fire. I remember people coming up to me and asking “are you sure you’re not called to be a priest?” But arent we all supposed to love God?”


Do You Choose Trust?

“God, I want to do what you’re asking me to do, but there’s two of us here. Why haven’t you told her when you’ve told me loud and clear?”

Do I Trust In His Love?

“Dont think of God as somebody who’s off on the sidelines trying to shout out orders on how to play the game, but as someone who’s right there with us, giving us wisdom, loving us along the way.”

Trust Brings Grace

“God gives us the grace and the strength to lead our spouse and our children closer to God – to fulfill the mission of love.” -Jason Angelette

The greatest challenge of marriage is to lead our spouse and our children to God. This is our job as the “help-mate” – to help them strive to grow closer to God. There are special things we can do to encourage the people we are called to love into a deeper relationship with Him.

What God calls us to, He empowers us to do. This work of love is something that Christ enables us to do through relationship with Him. When Christ died on the cross, He demonstrated His love for us but He also showed us that He followed the will of God even to death. There is no need to doubt God’s love for us, and He will give us the strength to be obedient to Him.

Whatever challenge you face right now, God loves you and can give you the strength to walk through it. We can trust Jesus with the biggest and the smallest tasks – He can cast out demons and help us in our unbelief. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, He is as close as a simple prayer – “Lord, help me and give me your grace.”

A trusting relationship with God enables us to receive the grace to love others. The passion that spills out of us will then draw our families closer to God!