Seek Him in the Storm

“We see only our pain, but we need to ask God for the graces in those moments and pray for those who are in those situations – to see that God has not left them out of that storm. That they can call upon our Lord, and He can give us a grace to point us back to our ultimate hope, our ultimate home.”

Reinvest in God

We can’t get caught in the trap where we think that our difficulty or challenge –  no matter how long we’ve been fighting it, no matter how far we feel like we’re in it – that God can’t come with his graces, and there can’t come a way to help us out.

Restless Hearts Cling to Sin

“Subliminal messages being sent to us, of like “That is beautiful” or “That does look delicious” or “That does look awesome to go to”; the thing is while they can say some really good things and promote good stuff, they can also promote bad things.”

Desire Is Only The Beginning

“You get on your knees, you ask “Will you be my spouse for the rest of my life?” – and then all of the sudden, there’s this struggle. You’re like “Hold on – did I make a mistake? I thought it wasn’t going to be like this.”

Pressure and Expectations

“We are so pressured by how others perceive us. That robs us of the brave and bold life that we’re meant to live!” – Jason Angelette

Jason speaks to the struggle against pressure from the world – we allow judgment from others to distract us from asking God how HE sees us. Often people only share the best aspects of their lives on their social media accounts, and we then compare ourselves to that unrealistic standard. On the other hand, we ourselves are often unwilling to let the reality of our lives show to the world, because we fear what the rest of the world may think of us.

We often base our decisions on what the world tells us. Jason uses the example from his own life of how he and his wife welcomed 5 children into their family. The people around them gave them feedback that said this was too many – too many young children for he and his wife to handle! But Jason and his wife asked not what the world thought of their family, but rather what God had for their family.

Often it is more comfortable to consider what is acceptable in our society than it is to consider what is acceptable to God. The fear of what others will say can rob us of the security of placing our identity in Christ. God calls us to do things that are outside of our comfort zones, but when we obey Him He gives a peace and a joy that the world cannot bring.