Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord PART 2

“In our sufferings, no matter what it is, people can ask the question “Where was God?” in whatever moment, and He was there, with a broken heart, tears in his eyes, weeping and embracing you. The question is did you hear those whispers?”

Divine Dialogue

We don’t go into a doctor’s office, rattle on all our ailments, and then just walk out the door. We tell the doctor what’s wrong, and then we wait and listen to what the doctor has to say, and what the doctor is going to do for us.

Making Time For His Strength

“We have to realize that the ability for us to accomplish the things that we think we need to do – to do God’s will – that source and that strength is not in us alone. That source and that strength comes from God alone. We need to be receptive to that.”

Jason challenges believers who say that they don’t have time to pray. It was St. Francis who said that you should pray at least 30 minutes a day, and when you’re busy, you should pray for an hour. This is a reminder that there will always be things that we feel we need to do, but there is nothing we need more than than God. He is the source of the strength that we need to do the tasks that lie before us.

He also looks to the example of Mother Theresa’s prayer life. When she was challenged about how much time she could be doing ministry if she wasn’t before the blessed sacrament, she doubled her time in prayer. Toward the end of her life she began spending three hours in prayer – she knew that she could not carry on without the strength of the Lord.

No one will arrive on their dying day and say, “I wish I had not spend so much time in prayer.” Rather we will all come to realize that we have relied too heavily on ourselves, and could always be more connected to the Father.

Hope In A Dark Night

“God allows these dry times to take place because he’s calling us on. He’s calling us further on the journey to reach to a new life, a new growth, and a new development in our faith and our relationship.”

Bearing Fruits of Faith

“Prayer is an essential part in abiding in His love and firmly becoming more grafted onto the vine; to be in conversation with Him. Not just for me to say all the things that I want, but to sit back and hear what He’s asking of us.”

Dangers of Disillusionment

“It’s not a matter of leaving a relationship to start another one, but rather righting the ship…” – Jason Angelette

Jason speaks to a challenge that many often face in marriage – disillusionment. It happens when the honeymoon stage fads and our expectations are unmet. Jason reminds married people to reflect on the purpose of marriage, because this will provide perspective that prevents disappointment.