Marriage Enrichment
Talks, Seminars & Workshops

“In order, therefore, to restore due order in this matter of marriage, it is necessary that all should bear in mind what is the divine plan and strive to conform to it.”
(Casti Connubii 96.4)

The faith and marriage ministry offers various types of presentations each formatted to provide witness and catechesis to the truth of God’s Awesome plan for marriage.

Our goal is to provide an in-depth look at the truth of who we are in Christ, our
vocation and the steps toward a joy-filled and vibrant marriage.

The content will address questions like:
• How are couples to live out the truth of marriage?
• How can couples divorce-proof their marriage?
• What is God’s purpose and plan for marriage?
• How can married couples strengthen their love and commitment to God and each other?
• What is the truth of love, the role of chastity in marriage, and the responsibility of a married person in the world?

Marriage Enrichment Presentations

It is so important to highlight that one of the solutions to the problem of divorce and apathy in marriage is a knowledge of the divine plan for marriage and fidelity to the living out that plan.
It is hard for couples to conform to God’s will when they are not continually enriched to God’s plan for marriage. We offer various opportunities for parishes to present God’s wonderful plan of marriage as well as providing insights on how to live out that plan.


Book a speaker for your parish

For information on speakers, topics and formats contact
Jason Angelette at (504) 830-3716 or


“Faith & Marriage Talk” is an hour to two-hour presentation devoted to a particular topic on marriage. Talks can be given as a stand-alone presentation or offered in a series.

“Faith & Marriage Seminar” is broken down into three or four lectures, given
over the course of a day.

We have a variety of presenters to choose from so please contact us today and let us know how we can assist you in spreading the Good News of God’s great plan for married love!

“Faith & Marriage Workshop” is like a mini-retreat where married couples will have the great opportunity to reflect individually and as a couple on the content being presented.