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Below is a list of services we provide for married couples and church parishes:

  1. BulletSupper & Substance Program

  2. BulletMarried Couples Retreats

  3. BulletMarriage Enrichment Presentations

  4. BulletParish Assistance

  5. BulletPathways Newsletter

Our goal is to awaken married couples to their responsibility to continually grow in their sacramental relationship with God, with one another and the community of God’s people; and, to initiate such activities to empower them to fulfill their call to love.

Faith & Marriage 
We are dedicated to promoting the Sacramentality of marriage and providing for married couples opportunities of growth, enrichment and support.

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“Authentic married love is caught up in the divine love and is governed and enriched by Christ’s redeeming power and the saving activity of the Church, so that this love may lead the spouses to God.”

Gaudium et Spes 48

Sept. 17-18, 2016

Arch. of N.O. Retreat Center

Metairie, La

September 17 - 18

at the Archdiocese of New Orleans Retreat Center in Metairie, La.